How do we measure progress? I primarily think about relationships when I ask that question. It isn’t easy to answer, either. One thing I have been contemplating lately is….”what was I doing or not doing when our communication seemed to be better?”

In the case of weight control….”what was I eating or not eating and what kind of exercise was I getting when my weight was where I wanted it?”

Of course you have other factors that are out of your control.Hormones can be your worst unseen enemy when you are trying to manage weight or any type of health issue. Stressors and situations in our lives are always making us adapt and adjust.

So, we can never have utopia all the time, but we can do the best we can. I guess for me when I am feeling mentally fit, energized  and in healthy communication with others,there are a number of factors that I am purposed in. I get up in the morning and first thing Give Thanks to God for a new day and recite the Lord’s prayer to direct my focus.

I immediately hit the yoga mat and do my routine that wakes up my mind and body. Then I spend time praying and reading The Bible and what ever other book I am working through at the time….usually relationship based.

Through the day I make a list of things that need done and work toward it. I make time to sing, play the drums and guitar. I make every attempt to get to Wednesday night Bible Study and fellowship on Sunday mornings weekly.

These things are all “peppered” through my day to day routines and high calling of being a wife, mom, business owner, employee and friend.

So progress….I spent a long weekend with my daughter and brother and sister-in-law’s family in Nashville. I took time off! That is progress for me. I re connected with my daughter as I hit the seat in the air plane and fell fast asleep on the ungodly hour flight we had!! She covered me with her hoodie and ordered a water for me!! Well, it is a memory that she and I will not forget as I woke up laughing with a crick in my neck and saliva coming out of the corner of my mouth!!!

We woke up late in the mornings, laughed a lot, went sight seeing and spent wonderful evenings talking and sharing stories around the dining room table over delicious home made food.

How is your progress? What unhealthy habits are you giving up in exchange for a less chaotic life? What healthy things are you putting in it’s place? It is your journey, yes there are things out of your control, but only you know how much progress you have or haven’t made.

I want my relationships to look a lot different  this year. It is going to take effort and adjustment. Would you like to take a step with me a long the journey?

I have recently added some new oils to my repertoire; stepping out and trying some heavier hitters. Clove Bud, Cinnamon and Birch. I was afraid to use these strong oils when I first got my certification, but am amazed with their muscle pain (in a lot of carrier) benefits.

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