Why We Love Pompeii Organics

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know that we weekly refer to Pompeii Organics for information on essential oil safety and products. Today I want to share just why they’re so special to Honest Aromas!

Pompeii is a small business in Mifflinburg, PA that carries GC/MS tested, all organic or wild crafted essential, carrier oils, and hydrosols.


GC/MS reports show all the chemical components in essential oils, and Pompeii makes these reports readily available to their customers, meaning that you know exactly what is making up your oil – that it’s a hundred percent pure and ethical! This is a must for aromatherapists who need to know the chemical makeup of each substance for the most responsible and effective use, and most essential oil companies (even the big names) cannot say the same.

Pompeii gets their essential oils right from the source, meaning there’s no money-making middleman. Because it’s a small business committed to holistic health, we know they genuinely care about their customers and products!


I also know the staff personally; Tyler was a classmate of mine at the Aromatic Wisdom Institute (he also maintains his own business The Herbal Guy, where we get a lot of our carrier oils), and Jess Grill, the owner of Pompeii, is also a certified aromatherapist. We enjoy working “together”  in this world of holistic health!

Pompeii essential oils are what we at Honest Aromas primarily carry. We make them available to our customers for the best price! And because we know and love Pompeii so much, you know we are offering you the best.


Pompeii is truly the East Coast treasure of organic, GC/MS tested essential oils and hydrosols. Visit their website or contact us for more information on this amazing company! We love working with them, and we know you will too!



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