3 Reasons to Have an Aromatherapy Consult

Happy Friday everyone!

One service we offer at Honest Aromas is an aromatherapy consult. This is my favorite thing to do as an aromatherapist, because I get to meet my clients, learn their health history, and come up with an essential oil blend personalized to their specific health needs!

You might have never heard or thought of an aromatherapy consult, so here are three reasons you should consider it!

It’s more effective.

Essential oil list continued


It’s nice to buy a ready-made aromatherapy product, especially ones like ours which have helped so many people. But if you are dealing with a health issue, it’s even better to get a personalized product tailored to you!

In a consult I am able to learn your symptoms, stressors, and history, which all play a part in which essential oils would work. I am able to balance the amount of each according to the situation.


It’s more safe.

Less is More

All of our products, when taken with proper knowledge and instruction, are safe. But with a consult I can learn what allergies or sensitivities you may have, and adjust the balance of oils according to that. Many of my clients need a stronger blend than what I usually sell, while to others a gentler solution is more helpful.

I can also give you practical advice at a consult, such as what is more appropriate to use on children and pets, as well as some ways to utilize your aromatherapy in daily life. All of this information would be hard to impart online, at a busy festival, or at one of our store locations!


It’s more holistic.


Here are Honest Aromas, we value holistic health. This means treating the body as a whole unit of many different parts, and not compartmentalizing what is hurting off to its own little category. Sometimes when we’re ill we see the problem – say, a congested nose – as the only problem. But many other factors – diet, stress, lifestyle, mood, etc. – play a part. An aromatherapy consult takes all of this into account instead of only treating the nose, which in the long run leads to fuller, more whole health.

Because a consult is more personal, it also helps create community in that we are all working toward better health together. This is a holistic concept as well, because like the human body we are not just isolated members but a single unit that depend on one another, whether we realize it or not.

Meeting together, whether it’s in person or by phone or email, in order to grow in health also helps to heal the mind and soul as we work on the physical body. As we’ve talked about before here, this is what holistic health means. As a Christian, I know that God created us to have a soul and mind as well as a body, and I think it’s important to make sure these are healthy as well. Community helps with that!

If you are interested in a consult (or need more reasons to have one!) email us at honestaromatherapy@gmail.com, or check out our store for more information. We offer consultations for $35 and a personalized product separately. We love working with our clients and hope this encourages you toward fuller health!


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