Why We Love Soap Alchemy

Hi everyone! Hannah here.

Today I want to share a small business I love: Soap Alchemy in Beaver, PA!


Soap Alchemy is a lovely little soap shop in one of the cutest towns in the Pittsburgh Area. This store uses all-natural ingredients and essential oils to create beautiful-smelling, healthy soap. The employees are friendly and have a wealth of knowledge for their products.

Their soaps range from basic Castile soaps like Cedar and Lavender to more specialty products, like Shea Butter Black with activated charcoal (which I use for my face!) and Dead Sea Mud. I use the Mint Oatmeal daily and I really want to try the Coffee Kitchen soap!

My Mint Oatmeal is on the left; I couldn’t resist making it a soap sock with some lovely Peruvian wool yarn I got… also in Beaver 🙂

As far as performance goes, Soap Alchemy’s products are amazing. They lather wonderfully while still lasting incredibly long – the bars I got were the smaller size, and after two weeks of constant use they are still a decent size! The scents are pleasant, but not overpowering. And when they say “unscented”, they really are!

So check out Soap Alchemy on their site or visit them in Beaver. They are dedicated to quality products that encourage health and wellness – all stuff we at Honest Aromas strive for too!



The Best Day Ever!

It’s cold and wintry now, but this still applies – even more so! We often isolate ourselves when it’s winter; we stay inside and lose the activity that comes with warmer weather. Make a promise to yourself to get out and connect with nature this season! It can lift your mood, strengthen your health, and help you find joy in God’s creation. 🙂

Honest Aromas

20140813_192437What does your best day ever look like? This is one of my favorite places in my world! It over looks one of the first Oil Boom towns in history. I love walking, ( or running;-) through these woods. There is something I receive from being in nature, smelling the earth and brushing against the trees. Although my mind may still want to race and think about the things that need done or the pressures and struggles going on in my life….the environment eventually overwhelms me and I become more peaceful.

There have been many times that I take my shoes off and walk bare foot over the roots and rocks on the many trails we walk…..I don’t know, the forest floor beckons for me to do so!

It was only recently that I found out that there is a whole science behind this! One of many believers of this 

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Free Stuff for You!

As many of you know, we opened our new online store with the new year! We’re really excited about it 🙂

HA logo

On this site you’ll find our products for sale, as well as resources and contact information. We are always adding more to make our shop the best it can be! You’ll find some featured products, like our new Antiperspirant and our Allergy and Congestion Rub.

For the rest of the month we’re also running a promotion! Place an order of $20 or more and you’ll receive a free gift as our thank-you for supporting our new store! This special offer ends Sunday,  January 31 at 11:59 pm. Don’t forget that shipping is FREE when you pick up at our Seneca office. Visit the online store and take a look at all the goodies we have to offer!

New and Improved!

One of our best-loved products is our Joint and Muscle Pain Blend. This lotion blend was perfect for arthritis sufferers, athletes, and everyone in between!

joint and muscle.jpg


But as part of our ever-present desire to improve our experience and offerings, we have updated our Joint and Muscle Blend. It’s still the same lotion-based formula you love with a different selection of essential oils that are more finely-tuned for your needs: Clove, Birch, and Cinnamon! This blend is stronger than the original, so it lasts longer.


This also now comes in a convenient pumper bottle, which is easier on the joints :). It also contains Trauma Trio, a blend of three carrier oils (from The Herbal Guy), which are excellent for healing and nourishing.

Are you interested in our new and improved blend? Let us know! We are working to get it up in our store as soon as possible. Have a great week!


2-ppl-perception“When we perceive our lives as having no value, purpose or significance, we become miserable.” The Search For Significance- Robert McGee

Well this must be an epidemic then, because the world is full of miserable people…..I can even be one myself at times!

This will not be a lengthy blog, but just some thing to think about today as we start the week. If you take an irritability or frustration back to it’s core emotion….what is your perception? What are you believing about that situation- true or not so true?

The truth is, every one of us has value, purpose and significance and the way we perceive that shows up in our lives. You were created for some thing great. You were created for a purpose. You matter to those around you. No matter how bad things are, there is a way to see beyond it, you just may not be able to do it right now-but don’t give up. You are extremely valuable….far above “rubies”.

What step can you take today to believe that? Is there some one in your life who has been an encouragement to you in the past? Is there some one in your life who encouraged you in your talent or your skills? Is there some one in your life who told you that you did a good job? Think about those things (Philippians 4:8) reach out to those people, and be that to some one else!

Take a step today! I am here to tell you, you can have a new out look<3

Why Use Natural Deodorant?

Last week we shared about our newest product – all natural antiperspirant! We are pleased to announce that it’s finally up and available for sale in our store.


But why the fuss about natural deodorant? Why is this subject so important? We’ll take a look at that today.

Beyond the standpoint of just trying to use more natural personal products to be healthier in general, using all-natural antiperspirant is important because typical antiperspirants include aluminum, which is used because it blocks the sweat ducts, which stops you from sweating.

Unfortunately, aluminum has been linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is also highly unhealthy to force the body not to sweat, as sweating is a natural way to cool the body down and rid itself of toxins.

Our antiperspirant has baking soda and arrowroot, which both absorb wetness and deodorize, as well as coconut oil, which kill bacteria and nourishes the skin. We also include a proprietary essential oil blend for a light, pleasant scent.

So check out our newest product! We love it, and we’ll never go back to the perfumey, aluminum-ridden products at the store. We think our version is that perfect!

Have a great weekend folks!

Client Testimony: Neuropathy

A few months back I had a client come to me who was experiencing debilitating nerve pain. We were able to come up with a blend together, and now she is able to find relief!


Here is my friend’s story. We are so blessed to be a help to our clients!

“I am writing this testimony on behalf of essential oils. I have hereditary neuropathy and suffer with the burning and stabbing nerve pain. I have tried the medications prescribed for neuropathy with the negative side effects that come with these medications and no relief from the nerve pain!

I then met Julia who has been so helpful researching what oils will help me and my nerve pain. She came up with a blend that I faithfully use twice a day and it does help! I am able to sleep at night without nerve meds or narcotics which most with neuropathy turn to. I would definitely recommend the use of essential oils for neuropathy and I am so glad I met Julia and can’t thank her enough!!😊”

Have a great week!

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!

Ahh… This post is back from the days when the sun was shining, a warm breeze was blowing, and the sand was between my toes! Now it’s dark and cold and icy most days. But this information is still relevant, because it’s still important to protect your skin in the intense sunlight of winter! And all of these “sunscreens” will also nourish your skin from winter dryness. Enjoy today’s slice of sunshine!

Honest Aromas

20150622_170958We all need sunshine….Vitamin D helps our bodies to function properly and lifts our spirits. Even if you do not like spending time in the sun, purposing to get out in it for even a short time every day, will have a healthy impact on your body.

We are also, all aware of the dangers of the sun. We use sunscreen to help protect our skin from damage that the sun can cause. Premature skin aging and skin cancer are concerns for all of us.

But did you know that we can use natural oils that have a Skin Protection Factor (SPF) and do not have any of the harmful chemicals that can be in popular sunscreens?

Here are a few options. Coconut oil has a low SPF of 2-8 all by itself, Avocado Oil 4-15, Wheat Germ 20, Raspberry Seed Oil 28-50, and Carrot Seed Oil a whopping SPF…

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Our Newest Product #2

Last week we shared our new all-natural deodorant with you all, and today we want to share our other new creation:


This is a soothing pillow mist perfect for winding down at the end of a long day! Simply spritz on your bedding and around your room to encourage calmness and good sleep. It contains Lavender (angustifolia), which is great to soothe and relax!

We will have this and our deodorant available in our store soon! Stay posted and have a great week!