Christmas Time…..

Good morning Monday! I just finished two Christmas Festivals in the last two weekends. I do love being out and meeting people and sharing health stories! As I shared before though, I do not like this “obligatory gift purchasing”- that we call Christmas Time. As I sit there in between swells of customers, I just have to laugh to my self…we all do it, we run around anxiously checking off our lists. It seems so futile to me. I do not think I was built to live in this era, but…here I am!

I am grateful to be able to help people and offer an alternative to their health needs. I get a lot of satisfaction when I see the “light bulb go on” in their minds realizing, they have some options and some choices in their health care. I hear a lot of all of the doctoring people are doing, with little result. I hear their frustration, and share my similar story of how it was that very thing that propelled me to look into alternatives (as scary as that seems, when you are not used to it) for me and my family. So, I guess, in that aspect, I am thankful to be living at this point in time.

Now, the REAL Christmas time I love…is spending time with my children! I got to do that with my daughter yesterday. We shopped, but more than that, we talked for a long time. That is the best! Catching each other up on life and sharing more of our selves with each other, I love it! It is good and precious times.

I look forward to the next week when all of my family will be together and we will be spending time catching up, being silly, sharing stories, and the inevitably be a little irritated with each other. But it is ALL GOOD and all part of being a family.

For those irritable times, and for the anxiety that comes with the season…consider Myrrh.Even the name is peaceful! It is calming for anxious minds and distractions it is soothing and tranquil. It is one of the oldest essential oils known. It is great for respiratory too, to calm coughs as well as excellent for the skin. However, it is contraindicated for pregnancy and breast feeding.

So, spend Christmas Time! Think about it. Still your mind with some Myrrh and consider what you should be doing with your time, this Christmas<320151205_155008

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