20151201_091807After all of the hub bub over the weekend and indulgences….isn’t it nice to take a few minutes, an hour, a day and regroup? Let the anxiety settle- let the food digest- breathe!

That is what I am doing this morning as I get back in to my children’s school routine. I actually have to consciously think about taking long breaths and calming down. Why is it when we have “time off” it can often be more hectic than our day to day schedule??

It did go pretty smooth this morning. Even the kids I think, like to get back into a routine….even if it includes school. But life is school, and I am definitely in it!! Ever learning. Hopefully putting into practice the things I have learned and growing.

I am thinking about the month ahead. I do not like the expectations of the Holidays, that is not what it is about for me. I do not like having to buy gifts. I want to buy gifts for people and like to do things for people because I really want to bless them, not be cause a certain time of year dictates that I should do this!!

Our younger of 2 daughters turned 15 this weekend. She wanted me to make her a special soup she likes, and my lemon cheesecake. I delighted in doing these things for her, because I love her and wanted to make her day special.

Speaking of lemon….it is a good refresher. It is a high note, has lots of anti-viral properties, and makes you feel awake. A good aroma choice for regrouping and refocusing. A nice slice in your water to help detox all of those calories over the weekend, good for digestion.

So take some time to regroup to day. Think about your weekend, think about your week ahead. Stay focused on what God has for your life and what He wants you to be. Stay thankful. Make plans. Be blessed.

Tell us about your weekend. Tell us about your experiences with lemon! We want to hear from you today!

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