Oils for Holidays: Nutmeg

This week we’re looking at some essential oils to inspire and keep you healthy this holiday season! Today we want to look at Nutmeg Essential Oil (Myristica fragrans).

When we think of nutmeg we usually think of the yummy spice we put in our baked goods. But it is so much more! According to Pompeii Organics, nutmeg oil is warming and pain relieving. Like cinnamon, it’s helpful to sooth aching joints and and muscles.

Nutmeg is also great for nausea or upset stomach. Dilute it with a carrier oil or lotion and massage into the abdomen. It soothes spasms and inflammation, and fights bacteria.

Interested in adding nutmeg to your collection? Let us know! Don’t forget about our 10% off sale Friday and Saturday!

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