This is a photo we have used before to show our soap making preparation….it reminded me this morning of the preparations many of us are making right now for the Holidays.  We think about what we will make, think about ingredients and the people in our lives that we will share it with.

So making preparations for any thing starts with what we want it to look like, so to speak. If we make preparations for our life, we have to have an idea of what we want the picture to look like. Then we need to set about to get “the ingredients”. I am thinking about self improvement right now. Making those first changes requires thinking about ingredients that will help us move in the right direction. Do we need to work on patience…or kindness…or self control? Then we move in that direction, meditating on things that will keep our mind focused and taking one step at a time in that direction.

If you were to begin to make a goal for your self right now, what preparations would you have to start making? Do you need to give up a bad habit? Quit surrounding your self with people who are a poor influence on your life? Or start some kind of “no matter what I am doing this______ every day”, program?

Start it! Go for it! Get out of your rut and make a new path. ( Science shows us we actually have those ruts in our brains!) I am creating a new rut in my brain right now. Choosing healthy things, over bad habit things. Think about what you want yourself and your life to look like….and what you want it not to look like!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, lets prepare our hearts and minds for our future days, as far as it depends on us to do. As far as the business, I am preparing a BLACK FRIDAY special as well as preparing some blends today to sell over the next few weeks.

Prepare and be prepared when your opportunity arises! God Bless your day and week.

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