One way we can use essential oils is to diffuse them! These beautiful necklaces were made specifically for  Honest Aromas for diffusing essential oils. Simply place a drop or two of your favorite oil on the back and wear and diffuse all day!

We also have small cork bottle necklaces to place oil in! It diffuses through the cork in a cute necklace.

Many people have electric diffusers in their20150930_201821 homes or offices now- it is not only a great way to freshen the air with a specific fragrance, but also to sanitize the air with an anti bacterial, anti- viral essential oil!! Reed diffusers can be used as well to create the same effect.

This is one typically safe way to use essential oils. There are always sensitivities and you should always take caution when inhaling any substance. See if you feel better, worse or the same. If it is a pleasant effect….diffuse away!

Have you ever used a diffuser? We want to hear from you today!

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