Do you ever think about it? Do you ever step back and take a look at your life and see if you are progressing in areas that you have worked at?

I do ….tooo much I think! I can put the microscope on some thing that needs a telescope! But there! I have progressed in even seeing that in my self!!

My mom used to say that I never walked, but ran everywhere!! So, when other;-) children are learning to walk, they fall down many times before they master the concept of walking. Many times they seem so unaffected by the fact that they have just landed on the floor when they were on their way some where! I am slowly becoming that way! I am becoming much more accepting of who I am and what I can handle in a day.

I can more readily look at a bump in the road of my day and say; “ok, lets investigate this bump and not see it as a hurdle to my goal.” There is a lot of surrender that goes into that.

On the business side of progress, we were asked to be in a 3rd store this week!! How exciting! It will be in Beaver, PA and we will tell you more when we are officially moved in. The interesting thing is, I have never approached a store to sell things, they have all inquired of us!

So, pondering progress……progress may not always look like progress! Sitting on the floor doesn’t really look like you made it any where! So I guess it depends on what is going on inside that gets you to your destination. So, today I am “sitting on the floor” and being thankful for all of the things in my life. The lovely, the ugly, the fun, the difficult things. There, I made some progress!

Share your thoughts on progress! We want to hear from you today!

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