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Headaches? Sleeplessness? Irritability?

Would you rather try a natural health option first than pop-a-pill? Well then come to my class on Aromatherapy and Holistic health! Learn more about how the use of Essential and Carrier Oils can help you improve your immune system and improve your life.

Aromatherapy can really help with a lot of common ailments we have. You can aid your body to help heal itself by supporting it.

I am a Certified Aromatherapist and I would love to spend this evening with you! We will have a light supper, education on the historical and modern uses of essential Oils and holistic health. We will make product from my “blending bar” and have fun while learning!

The class will be $25 paid upon Registration and you will be making and taking some product home with you. Space is limited, so register now!

Wednesday November 18th at 6-8:30. Register at the front desk of Binda’s Lane Alpaca Shop 1261 Elk Street, Franklin, or call Julia at 814-673-2797


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