New News


Happy November! Today I was just going to update you on some exciting news at Honest Aromas.

We have some new products that we started selling and are going to make available. We have these adorable Soap Socks that can be reused with the handy draw string for only $7! They are wonderful in the shower and turn into self soaping scrubbies! They also make perfect gift additions – it is like the gift no one ever thought about, but loves!! Available now at Binda’s Lane Alpaca Shop.

We have also formulated our own Beard Blend! It is perfect for the dry skin under the beard as well as keeping the beard soft and healthy looking.

We also have a wonderful new natural bathroom spray called Odor Du Toilette! You spray it into the potty before you go and it leaves a wonderful minty fragrance all around long after you leave!! These will be available very soon as well.

We are going to be opening in another store in Beaver, PA- and with all of this activity and Honest Aromas launching out to Amazon Handmade, we have tried to stream line our prices across the board. So you may have noticed price changes. To be fair to all of our dedicated customers, we want you to be able to buy the product at the same price from each place that it is for sale. We have worked hard to keep our prices competitive and cover our costs so you can get the best organic products made with 100% organic essential oils- not every one offers that.

We care for you and your health and prefer to buy premium ingredients to make our products, that you come in contact with, the best for your skin and inhalation.

So this is the New News at Honest Aromas, it is an exciting time!

What products have you used from Honest Aromas? What are favorites?

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