Go Clean Green – for $1!!!

One of our products that we all love to use, is our Green Cleaner.

We have a bottle at every sink and bath in the house! It is perfect to keep on hand for quick clean up jobs. Used in conjunction with with a magical type eraser sponge, the cleaner works great for soap scum in the shower!

For allergies, we at Honest Aromas like to point out that taking a holistic approach to the cleaners in your home is the best first step to health. Bring down the toxic chemical load around you, sprays, detergents, shampoos, the things that you literally wear on your body could be taxing your immune system. Do what you can to back off chemicals and switch to natural agents- your body may be able to fight off that cold better when it comes around because it hasn’t been working over time!

Our green cleaner is clear!! How odd! No dyes or perfumes, just natural Balsams, Citric acid, and some earth friendly surfactants to clean up real good! Of course we add our Essential Oils to the mix! Lemon, Spearmint, Grapefruit and Peppermint just to name a few!

I will sell our Green Cleaner for 1$ to the first 8 people who get in touch with me!!  Keep your immune system high and healthy this fall season. Shoot us an email or leave a message to get your 1$ bottle today!


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