Hold That Thought…..

The other day, I was in the middle of a discussion with my teenage daughter when I had to interrupt the conversation with a “hold that thought”. She put her pinched fingers up in the air and said, “ok, I’m holding that thought!” A few seconds later she spotted some chocolate on the counter that I had just purchased. As her eyes grew wide, she continued…”but I put it (the thought) down for the chocolate!”

Oh, we laughed-Which is good medicine! A girl after my own heart!! A lover of chocolate and a little squirrel like in her attention!!

There are a lot of different oil blend ideas out there for focus and clarity and it is good investigate what works best for your specific needs, but many times the Essential Oil that is the stand out in these blends is ….Vetiver.  We use Vetiver in our ADHD Blend!

Do not use Vetiver in your electric diffuser, as it will most likely clog it. It is extremely thick. It is balsamic, woody and sensual, it is a base note, so it has a long lasting effect when you put it in a blend. It’s therapeutic properties according to Aromatic Wisdom Institute are that Vetiver is anti-fungal, Central Nervous System sedating, cooling, grounding, stimulating to immune function, skin healing and vitality restorer. Like Patchouli, this is a fragrance you either love or hate- so check it out first before you purchase.

Emotionally, the oil tends to help one connect to self and others, grounding and protecting them, sedative and restorative…a great oil for the purpose of attention! So, hold that thought a little longer and stay in the now with Vetiver!!;-)

What is your experience with this root oil? We want to hear from you today!20150811_121200

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