Cold and Rainy; Dry, Warm and Happy!!

Can’t wait to Blog on Monday!

Thank you everyone who came out and introduced your self to me and follow us and support us!!!Wow, I am overwhelmed!

Some one came to the booth and said; “Honest Aromas! I follow you on Face Book, I didn’t know you were local!”

How fun! And another busy day in store. Just wanted to let you know, I moved my tables to under the car port at Binda’s Lane. We have tarps and a heater, so you will have time to browse at our booth and all the other wonderful vendors who I am with. It may be rainy and cold out there today, but you can come in and get warmed up at Honest Aromas!

You may want to pick up a Tea Tree Gargle, a Sinus and Allergy Inhaler, or Tranquility Bath Salts to restore your body after all that out door shopping.

Have a Blessed October 3rd!20151002_102217

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