It’s like Christmas!!

20150918_135445 (1)This week was a flurry at the Honest Aromas Kitchen!! We received a package of our favorite blending oils and we were busy little elves at work- recreating, creating and brainstorming for some up coming festivals.20150921_095221We pulled out some of our diffusing necklaces made by Oil City’s own potter, Kim Carvin, who has a thriving  business called Kim’s Creative Clay. These necklaces are gorgeous, compliment any outfit and have a absorbable, unfired clay back to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to.20150921_094938This new creation was inspired for my autistic son and we are really happy to share it with others! Before school or during other stressful times of the day, we simply rub his legs down with this wonderful smelling lotion to induce calmness and grounding.20150919_114800Hannah here making another batch of our new, natural soap. This batch is Coriander Bergamot!

The next few weeks are going to be super busy and exciting for Honest Aromas.! We will be at Applefest in Franklin, Pa – October 2-3 On the front porch of Binda’s Lane.

And the Harmony Festival near Zelienople, PA – October 10-11

Come out and see us at either of these fun festivals, or visit us at Binda’s Lane on Elk St. in Franklin! The weather outside isn’t frightful and the only trees that are decorated are the hemlocks with some autumn leaves on them, but as  far as crafters and vendors are concerned….it’s Christmas time in the city!

Shoot us an email and please leave a comment, we want to hear from you today!

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