Yogurt and Gut Health

How is everyone’s week going?

Today we’ll continue to discuss the topic of gut health. Yesterday’s post talked about utilizing probiotics to nourish the immune system and ensure the best health. One of these probiotics is yogurt.

I started making my own yogurt several years ago, and I absolutely love it! It has a thick consistency, tangy taste, and myriad culinary possibilities (the picture above shows my yogurt with pomegranate seeds)! Yogurt is full of good bacteria that nourish your body and strengthen your gut.

Now, understand that I am not talking about most yogurts you’ll find in stores. Go-gurt tubes and flavored yogurt cups are not healthy or beneficial at all. If they haven’t been processed so much that the good bacteria is gone, they’ve been filled with so much sugar and dye that any benefit you would have is cancelled out. Sorry folks!

Greek-style yogurt is true yogurt; it retains all the good stuff without any drawbacks. This is the kind of yogurt I make, and it’s what is mainstream in most other countries. Hannah once had yogurt on a German plane to Italy and was refreshed with how real it was! Just active cultures and no added sweeteners – the way it should be!

It’s sad that we in America fill up on “healthy” food that’s so processed it loses any health it originally had. The rule of thumb for food – especially probiotics – is the closer to nature, the better.

Have you ever tried homemade yogurt? What did or didn’t you like about it? Would you try ours?

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