Ah, Blarney!!

Inevitably  while I am working at the Farmer’s Market or out selling Honest Aroma’s products in a different venue, I will get a customer that says “Ah, Blarney!” If you are not Irish (which I am sorry if you are not;-) It means deceptive or misleading talk….in other words- I am wheedling in order to sell my product.

I understand that the passers by do not know me from Adam, because if they did, they would know that Julia cannot get excited or passionate about something she doesn’t believe in! So, since they do not know that about me, I do not take offense, I simply start asking them some questions. I ask them if they ever use products like Bengay or used Vicks Vapo-Rub. I have not met any one who hasn’t. I explain to them that the above products are made with the same oils that I am selling, except that they are often times synthetic and have other ingredients in them that are not natural or healthy.

It is funny how we will run to the store and grab multi-million dollar advertised product and not give it a second thought, but shy away from plants, herbs, oils and organics, and look at the seller as some kind of Leprechaun!!

I turned one of my biggest skeptics this week! He made his usual remark calling my products snake oil  and discussed medications. I asked him what medications were originally made from…..plants and oils that have been in use for thousands of years-not just a few hundred. Before he left he bought some of my Arthritis blend and in trua, I made him a small bag of a customized bath salt to soak his aching joint.

Eucalyptus and other camphorous aromas not only help to open up our airways, but to bring relief to joint pain. While we were at the market, another Vendor was experiencing a migraine. I made her an inhaler using some of these oils along with peppermint. She came over within 5 minutes of using it and said she could not believe how it worked! I started creating more of them yesterday to put in The Binda’s Lane Shop and sold out of them before they even made it to the shelf!

Blarney? I think not! Top’ O The Weekend To Ya and eat your greens, not your Magically Delicious (talk about advertising!!) lucky charms!!

What areas about alternative health have you been skeptical? What natural product have you tried that really works? We want to hear from you today!

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