Squeaky Clean!

Hello everyone!

This past week I’ve been trying a new project: soapmaking!



My first batch was a coriander, coconut oil, and olive oil soap. It didn’t turn out super well, but it’s still soap-ey šŸ™‚

My next batch turned out much better. Behold lavender patchouli!


Homemade soap is always so fun and good to use. It smells great, cleans well, and has none of the harsh detergents, perfumes, and dyes of store-bought soap! This makes it so much better for your skin and body as a whole.


Hannah likes to knit and sell wool soap socks that felt as you use them, creating a built-in scrubbie! We are hoping that as I perfect the art of soapmaking, she can use Honest Aromas soap in her creations. If that happens we will sell them with the rest of our products!

What do you think about all-natural soap? Have you ever tried it? Have you ever used a soap sock?

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