Here’s my Life….


Each day I find

Miracles in my life

Gifts so great

They could only be yours

Friends in time

Changes kind

Strength from your loving hand

I’m on my way

Bearing the new man

Lord, Here’s my life- Heal my heart- Heal my soul

Lord, Here’s my life- as I seek you – make me whole

Here’s my life- O Lord, make me whole

I wrote this song years ago when i was going through a great change in my life. My eyes were opened and I had newness of life. The change was good and kind.

But, changes are not always seen as kind. Change can be excruciatingly painful….. but if we do not surrender under the stress of the change, we will miss the benefits that change was designed to offer.

I am learning how to play the guitar while I am starting this business. I learned how to change my strings so the guitar sounds better….and it does sound better even despite my wrong fingering! I had to change the strings- it was some thing that I had to do, it didn’t happen by itself. I could have left the old ones on, I suppose, but it wouldn’t sound as sweet.

I am purposely singing songs I have written, like the one above, while I am learning my chords. With all of the changes going on in my life, the words are sung with more feeling, coming from a different perspective when I sing them this time.  I have a frustration in learning the chords, because I want the song to be seamless, but the irritation of changing my hand position and singing a lyric-presses me to get my fingers in the right place.

Changes are ultimately kind if we are willing to put our self aside and be willing to learn. It may come with tears and repetition of doing some thing uncomfortable, but it will produce some thing great if we let change have it’s way.

Taking even a baby step toward change in health can feel overwhelming. But if we want to have some thing different in the end than we have always had, we have to be willing to make changes. The pain is momentary in the big scheme. It will make us stronger, it will produce endurance and it will produce health and character.

So, here’s a little of what is going on in my life! What changes are going on in your life? I want to be a shining light encouraging your way! I am right there with you walking the narrow, hard road. We can do it walking together, friend. Have a great, long weekend.

2 thoughts on “Here’s my Life….

  1. I am so blessed reading about your story. God is so good. I too am a lover of Jesus on the journey with Him when it is difficult and when it is easier. I look forward to meeting you someday. I love music too. Abiding and trusting, Alice Jean Parker


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