Essential Oils and Autism

This week we’ve been talking about our personal story of having a son who is autistic. Today I want to highlight some ways that essential oils can help people who struggle with autism and special needs in general.

One of my favorite blogs about autism and family dynamics is Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland. Penny gives so much honest and insightful information into a journey not a lot of people know about.

One post of her’s that caught my attention is “Using Essential Oils for Autism“, which is full of great information on how to use EO’s to calm and focus special needs children. As an aromatherapist, I do want to say that using oils, especially on children, and especially on special needs children, must come with caution. Dilute oils to stay safe and pay attention to how they affect your child! What works for one person may work differently or not at all for another, and of course stay aware of allergies and sensitivities. An essential oil will have no benefit if it’s causing an allergic reaction!

One oil that helped Penny’s daughter was peppermint. It reduced a fever she had and it helped with focus.

I wanted to reach my little girl, so I was willing to try nearly anything. I was shocked to find out that peppermint helped increase her ability to focus. It helped a LOT!

Peppermint is an amazing mind-clearer, great to awaken and boost creativity. We featured a post on Peppermint back in the summer, and it’s so wonderful to see how it’s been helpful to someone else too!

Check out Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland, and let us know if you’re interested in peppermint or any of the other oils we’ve covered that are great for special needs. We are here to offer the best information and help we can!

Have you ever used EO’s for special needs? Have you ever tried peppermint? Would you?

ADHD and Sandalwood

In yesterday’s post I talked about my son who is on the autistic spectrum. Something I’ve put together to help comfort and calm him during difficult moments is my ADHD Proprietary Blend, a lotion with nourishing and supporting essential oils, perfect for anyone (especially kids) who needs focus and grounding.

adhd blend

One of the active oils in this blend is Hawaiian Sandalwood (Santalum paniculatim), which according to Pompeii Organics is very calming.

Sandalwood, like Vetiver and Patchouli, is grounding, making the user feel secure and safe. It’s amazing for anxiety and depression.

Sandalwood also kills bacteria and fungus and helps heal the skin and relieve pain. It’s great for cold and flu season because it decongests and fights infection.

Are you interested in trying our ADHD blend for yourself or someone you know? Send us an email, or find us at one of our upcoming Fall festivals! We are sensitive to people with special needs and want to help them and the people who love them live life to its fullest potential! As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Have you ever used essential oils to help with attention deficit or hyperactivity needs? We want to hear from you!

My Son Has Special Needs??

Yes, my son has special needs.

Being the last of 4 children, I was aware early on that this child was in deed “specialer” than the rest of my children!

There are so many feelings and emotions I have experienced and continue to experience. It is amazing to me that even after 10 years, I find myself still wanting to deny  in stead of embrace his unique needs.

I think as humans we just want to press through what ever is going on in the present to get to the future- as if situations and even other humans are a block in front of us preventing us from the goal.

Children in general will cause you to slow down and re-evaluate what is important in they should. But when you have a special needs child, you go through denial- it is a strange phenomenon. You see the glaring difference in the person who sits in front of you, and feel a certain amount of underlying frustration- yet still want to gloss over the situation and approach it the way you always had in the past.

My son has been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum for some time, and we are getting ready to do a more specialized evaluation this week. We then will have a better understanding of what tools he needs to succeed and a better idea of what we need to do as parents to re-learn our communication skills with him and fortunately (in response to unfortunate mistakes) be able to address behavior on all of our parts, that has been a negative in the parenting process.

Did you know, many couples with special needs children do not sustain their relationships? Special needs children or terminally sick children take a lot of the family focus and energy.  It is extremely taxing on couples who many times already have trouble communicating in their marriages, let alone learning a “new language” to communicate to their child. It is also very taxing on siblings and the parent-children relationships. I completely understand the hardship and have compassion on parents wherever they have landed on this aspect of raising a special needs child. I think for me, knowing the rate of divorce in these situations has validated my feelings of being overwhelmed- it really isn’t  just”me”….these are tough life situations! Having said that, we have been willing to do what ever it takes to learn how to communicate better and be a better team for our child….both parents need to be willing.

Then there is my son! How does he feel? What are his frustrations? What loss does he experience?

He usually feels like no body likes him…not friends, teachers, leaders, and at times even his parents and siblings. He usually feels like he is stupid and unable to grasp things that are taught. He actually is extremely intelligent…he has a high IQ. He just takes longer than a “typical person” to process and communicate the information in what ever form that takes.

He has a loss of joy and peace. He tells me he was born grumpy!! He tells me he wasn’t born like others when I am trying to fit his “round peg into a square hole”! He is amazingly accurate when it comes to behaviors (usually in others- oH….we are all like that;-)much more transparent and discerning than any of us would like to admit!

Part of this journey with him has expanded our holistic health philosophy. We have always tried to approach our children with a holistic mentality- serving their spirits, souls and body. Making sure we are building them in their spirit by prayer and being part of a church body, their souls by having a home school way of life – even if they went to another school during “school” hours, and in their bodies teaching them about true healthy foods and supplements.

I make him a special oil formula to help calm him down and rub on his legs and have introduced him to kombucha, pro-biotics and L-glutamine -all researched and proved to help autistic spectrum children be better supported. He eats gluten-free and has developed his own awareness of what foods make him feel well, and which ones do not.

He refers to Honest Aromas as mom “doing her oils”!! And now asks me if I will make him special inhalers for this or that, or if I would blend him an anti-bacterial spray!

He is fearfully and wonderfully made! He has a purpose in this life, and I bear much responsibility in helping him to over come and leading him to the skills that will help him succeed in this life. I didn’t know I was “signing on for this” when I had this child, but I see every day….. it is all part of my path as well as his.

Proverbs 127:3 says “children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward”.  Whether you understand that reference as an old book that has been handed down through the centuries, or the inspired Word of God, it holds great wisdom for us to glean. That particular scripture is what I feast on, moment by moment, as I walk this this narrow road with my little man….and I tell him often he is a blessing.

God Bless you today if you walk this narrow road of special needs. I hope you are encouraged and have an invigorated sense of purpose as a parent- no matter how special your child is!!

We want to hear from you today! Thank you for your emails and texts- they are a great encouragement to us<3 20150711_082928

Looking Ahead!

Hello everyone! We hope your weekend is going well.

Next weekend I will be selling Honest Aromas products at the Franklin Applefest! Find me at the Bindas Lane Alpacas and Gift shop!

The weekend after that, October 10 and 11, Hannah and I will be at the Zelienople Harmony Country Fall Festival! We will be selling our newest products (featured this week), and Hannah’s been busy knitting wool soap socks with natural soap as well as these adorable little bunnies she’ll be featuring!

IMG_7248 IMG_7246 IMG_7244 IMG_7243

Will we see you at one of these exciting Fall events? We hope we do!

Skin and Juniper

Happy Friday folks!

One of our most popular products has been our proprietary acne/mature skin blend. This product, made with a carrier of vibrant and nourishing hemp seed oil, has helped so many clients with acne and just the overall effects of aging. Recently, we’ve reformulated and renamed the product as something new. Meet our Clear and Healthy Face Proprietary Blend!


This product is amazing for a variety of face needs. It fights acne, moisturizes, soothes wrinkles, and everything in between. It makes your face healthy and glowing!

One of the active ingredients in this blend is juniper berry (Juniperus communis) essential oil. According to Pompeii Organics, juniper berry fights inflammation and bacteria and is astringent to the skin, making it great for breakouts. It reduces swelling and improves circulation.

So you can see why juniper berry is such a great choice for our new formula! We are so excited to share it with you! Interested in checking it out? Send us an email or find us at the Franklin Apple Fest and Harmony Country Fall Festival!

Lips and Lemon

Hello all! I hope your week is going well!

Since we’ve been highlighting new products this week, allow me to introduce our brand new cold sore/fever blister lip balm! Made with nourishing and virus-fighting oils, this balm is great for cold season!


One of the active ingredients in this lipbalm is lemon (Citrus limon) essential oil.

According to Pompeii Organics, lemon is an effective antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It fights viruses and muscle spasms, and can even help people who struggle with depression. It’s also very cooling and cheering and helps the immune system.

One note of caution: lemon is photo-toxic, meaning it can damage the skin if exposed to sunlight. Fortunately, our lip balm is diluted with other active oils and a nourishing base, so all you have to worry about are the good things lemon can do!

Interested in trying our new lip balm? Send us an email, or find us at the Franklin Applefest and the Harmony Country Fall Festival!

Sinuses and Laurel Leaf

Happy first day of Autumn everyone!

Today I want to highlight another product we make, as well as an active ingredient in it. Another one of our newest products is our Sinus and Allergy Inhaler.


Like our Migraine Inhaler, this one is great for taking some aromatherapy with you in your busy life! It’s super effective for any kind of sinus blockage or allergy symptoms.

One of the active ingredients in the Sinus and Allergy Inhaler is Laurel Leaf (Laurus nobilis) essential oil. According to Pompeii Organics, laurel leaf fights pain and infection and calms spasms, decongests and reduces fever, making it perfect for use in allergy symptoms and colds.

Laurel leaf has a strong aroma sort of like eucalyptus, but with a spicier note to it. It complements the other oils in our inhaler perfectly!

Interested in trying our new product? With Autumn here, cold and flu season is upon us. Avoid taxing your body with the harsh chemicals and toxins in allergy and cold medicines that only treat symptoms! Our Sinus and Allergy Inhaler is worth a try!

Have you ever used laurel leaf? Do you get seasonal allergies? Would you try our inhaler? We want to hear from you!

Migraines and Ravintsara

Hello all!

One of our newest products is an inhaler designed to treat migraines and headaches. It’s great for on the go!


This product is incredibly effective; multiple clients have tried and loved it! One ingredient the inhaler owes its success to is Ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphora Ct. 1,8 Cineole) essential oil.

According to Pompeii Organics, ravintsara supports the immune system and is effective in treating the symptoms of colds and flu. It’s a great expectorant and respiratory aid. Ravintsara is similar to eucalyptus, but is gentler. It fights bacteria and muscle spasms.

With all of these properties, it’s easy to see why ravintsara is great for treating a variety of headaches! We blend it with other effective oils in our inhaler. Interested in trying one? Send us an email!

Don’t forget: we will be at the Franklin Apple Fest next weekend (October 2-4), and at the Zelienople Area Country Fall Festival the weekend after that (October 10-11)!

It’s like Christmas!!

20150918_135445 (1)This week was a flurry at the Honest Aromas Kitchen!! We received a package of our favorite blending oils and we were busy little elves at work- recreating, creating and brainstorming for some up coming festivals.20150921_095221We pulled out some of our diffusing necklaces made by Oil City’s own potter, Kim Carvin, who has a thriving  business called Kim’s Creative Clay. These necklaces are gorgeous, compliment any outfit and have a absorbable, unfired clay back to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to.20150921_094938This new creation was inspired for my autistic son and we are really happy to share it with others! Before school or during other stressful times of the day, we simply rub his legs down with this wonderful smelling lotion to induce calmness and grounding.20150919_114800Hannah here making another batch of our new, natural soap. This batch is Coriander Bergamot!

The next few weeks are going to be super busy and exciting for Honest Aromas.! We will be at Applefest in Franklin, Pa – October 2-3 On the front porch of Binda’s Lane.

And the Harmony Festival near Zelienople, PA – October 10-11

Come out and see us at either of these fun festivals, or visit us at Binda’s Lane on Elk St. in Franklin! The weather outside isn’t frightful and the only trees that are decorated are the hemlocks with some autumn leaves on them, but as  far as crafters and vendors are concerned….it’s Christmas time in the city!

Shoot us an email and please leave a comment, we want to hear from you today!

How do Probiotics Work?

This week we’ve been talking about the importance of gut health. One way to ensure the best gut health is to eat probiotic foods such as yogurt. But how exactly do probiotic foods work? We’ll take a deeper look at that today.

First of all, let me clarify what I mean by probiotic. I mean naturally fermented foods, which have “good” lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria are what cause milk to ferment (and turn into yogurt) or vegetables to pickle.

In your digestive system, these bacteria cause indigestible carbohydrates to ferment so your body can better process them and they keep the digestive tract acidic so that harmful bacteria cannot grow (

Pretty cool, huh? And although naturally fermented foods are sort of a hot concept on the holistic health scene right now, the consumption of them goes way back, as Dr. Mercola’s article on fermented foods tells us:

During the Roman era, people consumed sauerkraut because of its taste and health benefits.

In ancient India, it was common to enjoy lassi, a pre-dinner yogurt drink. This traditional practice is anchored on the principle of using sour milk as a probiotic delivery system to the body.

Bulgarians are known for their high consumption of fermented milk and kefir, and for their high level of health.

Ukrainians consumed probiotics from a fermented food list that included raw yogurt, sauerkraut, and buttermilk.

Various Asian cultures ate pickled fermentations of cabbage, turnips, eggplant, cucumbers, onions, squash, and carrots, and consume these fermented treats until today.

Mercola also points out the nutritional benefits of probiotic foods beyond good bacteria, which include B vitamins and vitamin K2, which helps prevent heart disease.

There is tons of information out there on fermented/probiotic foods. I encourage you to do your research! Dr. Mercola and have some great resources.

Have you ever tried fermented foods? Did you notice any significant benefits? Would you try them? Let us know what you think!