If You Like Exercise You’ll Love…


Today we want to showcase one of our newest products! We call it the Athlete’s Blend. It’s made with a mixture of castor oil and all the essential oils we use for our joint and muscle rub: manuka, rosemary, helichrysum, lavender, roman chamomile, and black pepper. These oils all have different properties ideal for bodies on the move: this blend will soothe soreness, heal and repair skin, warm the muscles, and get you ready to go out on the move again!

Castor oil is amazing for muscles as it is; it penetrates the skin to get to the deepest layers. But with these oils added to it, the effect is amazing!

Many people have tried and loved our muscle rub, which is essentially this blend in lotion form (without castor oil). What makes this product special, besides the amazing qualities of castor oil, is the flannel.

Why flannel, you ask? Well, flannel makes a great compress for sore muscles and joints. When you soak the flannel piece in the oil blend and apply with a hot pack over it, the combination of heat with the oils gets to the root of stiffness and pain and eliminates it! But you don’t even need the hot pad for a good effect. Simply using the oil-saturated flannel can do an amazing job. The flannel is reusable, and there’s no need to wash out the oils after each use. The perpetual saturation only multiplies the results!

We currently sell the Athlete’s Blend and flannel together for only $15. And starting today, we are selling Honest Aromas products at the Binda’s Lane Alpacas and Gifts shop in Franklin! Check out this darling shop, and pick up some Athlete’s Blend while you’re at it!

Are you an active person? Would you try the Athlete’s Blend? We want to hear from you!

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