11760272_10204918776949398_7922880738866326940_nHonest Aromas. Why did we pick that name??

There were actually a few reasons. The first reason was that we wanted to promote the idea that, in a world where honest motives are hard to find and adulterated essential oils are common, we were going to have pure selling motives and the cleanest oils and products money could buy.

We get (most)of our oils from a small Pennsylvania company who buy directly from the distiller.  When we are not able to purchase from that company, we still deal with other company’s who get their oil directly from the distiller. There are no middle men, and everything that is bought, is tested for it’s chemical components so you know exactly what is in your oil. We are not trying to sell products just for the sake of the sale and we do not tell you to use exorbitant amounts of the oil, so you will purchase more quickly.

We want to be holistically honest as a business and if we can not help with an oil, we may suggest another completely different product or just honestly say ; “we don’t know, let us look into that.” We are completely concerned with your best health and want to be helpful and encouraging in every way to help you be the best you can be.

The other reason I chose the name, was because prior to the birth of the business, I was going through a season where I realized I was not being honest with myself or those around me.

I was challenged with the idea of honesty and what that really looks like and what, changes I would have to make to be honest in every way. It is really easy for us to deceive ourselves, isn’t it? It is challenging to break old habits and make new habits. It is difficult to face situations head on and be honest and right about them and so much” easier”  just to hope no one else questions our cover ups.

The truth is, when you live honestly, it is completely freeing in every way! It is peace of mind and heart and soul and spirit. Being honest is truly being positive! It helps us to be free to be our true selves and in turn be true to those around us. We create an atmosphere for honesty and lasting relationships.  We want to be those people, we want to be that company.

Share your thoughts on honesty! We want to hear from you!

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