Holistic Health – Our Story


Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you about our family’s own holistic health journey. My interest in holistic health did not start when I went to school for aromatherapy. Rather, it started over twenty years ago when I had two very sick children.

Hannah shared some of her dairy issues in yesterday’s blog, and my son George had severe malabsorption and food allergies. For the first few years of his life he battled eczema and could only eat mashed yams and venison (we’d go through 40 pounds of yams every two weeks!) From that time on I learned a lot about allergies and immune health – I had to!

The body works inside out. What I mean by this is that a health problem usually begins on the inside – in the gut – and moves outward to what we eventually see on the outside. The digestive system takes in the food we give it, and if the food negatively affects the body, health problems arise in the form of allergic reactions, illness, skin problems, etc. It’s important to not see something outward – like eczema – as merely an outward problem, but to look deeper and consider the whole body. This is a holistic approach to health: the idea that what affects one part of the body will affect the body as a whole.

If you deal with chronic and annoying health issues, it might be helpful to evaluate what you are putting in, on, and around your body on a regular basis. Start with your gut and work your way out.

Cut out foods that you could be sensitive to. Rid your home of as many dust catchers as possible. Wash your bedding at least once a week in a phosphate free, perfume free detergent in HOT water. Use natural cleaning sprays, don’t use fabreeze or carpet fresh, but do use an essential oil diffuser if you want your house to smell good.

Really all you are doing by this is reducing the stress on your body so it can heal itself. Your immune system will be a lot stronger when it’s not being perpetually taxed! This will help in the long run as you’ll stay healthier longer and more often.

If you have a lot of reactions to dust, mold, and pollen, start with a good probiotic. I recommend Kyo-Dophilus, which helped my son build up his immune system.

So what do you think? Have you dealt with deep health issues that won’t go away? Have you ever tried anything mentioned here? Did it help? We want to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Holistic Health – Our Story

  1. The tips you listed are good ones. Things like allergies are what got me interested in essential oils, but I’m still a newbie. Hope to read more content like from your aromatherapist perspective.


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