Pass the Pecorino

Happy Tuesday folks! It’s Hannah here again, and today we’ll be talking about dairy allergies! (Fun! ;))

As an infant, I suffered from ear infections that led my mom (Julia) to find that I had a dairy allergy. As a child, I ate a dairy-free diet that included soy yogurt, Rice Dream ice cream, and this culinary masterpiece:

Pecorino Romano is a Parmesan-like cheese made from sheep’s milk, and was a staple for me growing up. As a five-year-old, I was more likely to ask for a slice of this than for a slice of American cheese. To this day it’s still my favorite!

I have mostly grown out of my dairy allergy, but it resurfaces from time to time when my immune system is weaker. I can always tell a reaction coming on by increased phlegm in my airways and a persistent cough that can often last for weeks.

The nature of allergies is such that your body might tolerate an allergenic substance for a while, but when you’ve overtaxed your system too much, your body will have a giant reaction in an effort to purge what it mistakenly sees as a harmful substance. This is what I experience with my cough, and what others may experience with hives or swelling.

This kind of reaction can also happen with essential oils if your body is allergic or sensitive to an herb. Because essential oils are highly concentrated, the buildup of the substance your body believes is harmful can create a serious reaction. That’s why it’s important to be safe and to know what you are doing when you use EO’s!

The best way to treat food allergies is to completely eliminate suspicious foods from your diet for at least five days, then to add them back in one by one, monitoring your reaction as you reintroduce each one. We also carry an allergy and congestion rub with cedarwood, lemon, and ginger essential oils and a pink himalayan salt gargle with tea tree oil for acute respiratory issues caused by colds and allergies.

It’s important to know your body and its limits! A sign of allergy or sensitivity in you might be different for someone else, and what helps someone else may not be helpful for you. Learn as much as you can (we are always here to help!) so that you can enjoy the best health possible!

Have you ever had an allergy? Ever tried pecorino romano? What works for you? What doesn’t?

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