The Sun Comes Up, It’s a New Day Dawning……

Happy Saturday! I just spent a few minutes outside on our back patio- closing my eyes and taking in the clean, fresh air of the morning. It is a new day….how am I going to live it? I spent time in prayer. I was reading the Psalms. I relate to David. He was by no means a perfect man, but he often “inquired of the Lord”. He knew that he could do nothing apart from God and that he could not make it on his own. So seeing myself in that light, I examine myself, shed tears and then with the smallest seed of faith, choose to believe truth and turn my attention to His divine enabling to carry me through my day.

We are going to take our younger of four children to the lake this weekend. We need a break from life, we need to take time and have some fun- that too is part of a healthy lifestyle.

20150801_074740 We will not be at the Farmer’s Market on Monday but WILL be back Thursday.

On the more personal side today- Blessings on your day and weekend.

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