You are my sunshine!

You make me happy when skies are grey, you’ll never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away! I recently sang this with my daughter and a good friend in 3 part harmony…one of my favorite things to do that bring me joy:-)img_20160721_080728

Have you ever struggled with depression? I have. I know a lot of people who do as well. Right now we are all dealing with summer winding down and looking toward the start of a new school season.

For us who live in Northern states, and who deal with depression, we can already start thinking about the long winter that is ahead…..noooooooooooooo!!!

My daughter and I were discussing this in light of relationships this weekend. We have people in our lives who are quite auroral– they are like the dawn, a bright spot in our lives, we look forward to them.

We have others who are constantly prickly. They sharpen us and make us have to rely on patience and grace to respond to them in a right and healthy way.

We have others who are a constant source of grey-skyedness!! ( I like to make up words;-) These people are like Eeyore from Whinnie- the P00h! We tend to want to avoid them because they can drag us down, and the truth is, we need to be wise about how to interact with them, for their sake and ours.

Honestly, lately, I have been grey. Sometimes I feel like the things I am dealing with in my life are never going to change. ..hopelessness is the worst of all feelings.  I do not always get to spend time with the shiny people in my life and some times that is just a reality.

As my daughter and i were talking, we discussed how you can not make attaining happy feelings all the time your goal- giving it God status in your life. But being aware of how you are feeling and what small changes you can make to incorporate “sunshine” in your life, is just wise.

I can easily loose perspective and give up. I can also turn around and be super excited and exuberant when some thing goes right for me or some one else!! I always want to be that person, really! I always want to be sunshine in other people’s lives.

As part of the Holistic theme of our business, I just wanted to validate the mental health part of our complex person. I want to  tell you I am there too and want to be a support and your biggest cheerleader!

This weekend I decided to turn to some helpful and healthy teas when I want to relax. Lemon Balm was my tea of choice for the evening. It is uplifting and calming at the same time.  Skin Detox tea with it’s bright red Hibiscus, is my choice for mid mornings. Instead of having that 5th cup of coffee (or Monster…)that can make me edgy, I am putting some beautiful high anti-oxidant mixes in my cup.  Kombucha is also a great choice. It is intestinal flora friendly, calming and energy promoting at the same time.

So, lets LIVE today with our fond memories and our hopes for tomorrow!

God Bless you! We want to hear from you today!