A little more about Elderberries……….

20150613_204834 (1)

So yesterday, I introduced you to Andrea of Andi Lynn’s Elderberries (.com), and today I would like to share a little more about the benefits of Elderberries!

They have been used as a folk remedy for centuries. They are an immune system builder and anti-oxidant. They lower cholesterol and improve vision.

They contain amino acids, carotenoids, flavenoids such as Quercitin, and Vitamin A, B and C. They also have a laxative and diuretic effect which makes it a great supplement to take while fasting or detoxing.

There are so many more benefits of this wonderful little berry, but why don’t you try it for yourself in the Elderberry syrup or the Louisiana Fire Cider? Prep  your body for the flu season and do not catch it like every one else this year!!!

Did you ever try Elderberry Syrup? Tell us about you!

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