My mom came into my kitchen one hot summer day as I and my four children ( ok one was a baby and was getting into every thing;-) were around the table taking teenie, tiny elderberries off their stems. “What in the world are you doing that grueling work for?”, she asked.  I was SO excited about our new found elderberry patch and all the syrup and dehydrated concoctions I was going to make with them, it overshadowed her pessimism.

I STILL have elderberries from that day and it was over 5 years ago!!!

Elderberries have a multitude of health benefits and immune system support. I am so pleased to be offering “Andi Lynn’s Elderberries”http://andilynnselderberries.com/ to my holistic health repitiore!

Andrea is an Oil City native who now lives in the bayou’s of Louisiana with her lovely family and their business!! But, I have obtained a stash, including, Louisiana Fire Cider which will pretty much kill anything evil in your system!!

Come to the Farmers market this morning (will only be there till 11) and next week to try yours!!

Have you ever tried Elderberries? What is your experience? We want to hear from you today!!

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