Do You Have the Thyme? (Part 2)

In Thursday’s post I talked about the different types of thyme, more specifically the linelol chemotype. As I said then, there are six different types of thyme, and I wanted to focus on two major ones – the ones I am most likely to use as I practice aromatherapy. (Today’s information comes from the Aromatic Wisdom Institute.)

Thymus vulgaris ct. thymol has many of the same properties as linelol. It fights infection and boosts the immune system. However, unlike linelol, thymol is more irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, therefore, it is not safe to use for children.

Thymol helps with pain and is antifungal and antiviral. It is also an effective antioxidant. One interesting and helpful property of thymol is due to the very thing that makes it unsuitable for more sensitive bodies: it’s irritative nature can improve circulation wherever applied, making it good for pain and swelling.

Thymol is great for the sinuses. I use it in my Snore No More blend, which is extremely effective to open respiratory passages and banish snoring!

On a more emotional note, thymol is great to support strength, courage, and motivation, and can help booster confidence.

Thymol should not be used on children, on the mucous membranes, or for people with kidney disease. It is important to make sure you use the right kind of thyme for your particular application. They can all be similar, but they have many differences too.

So the question is not do you have the thyme? But rather, do you have the right kind of thyme? 😉

Have you ever used thyme? What have you discovered that you never knew before? Have a great weekend!

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