Health Expo!

Yesterday was our first day at the Cranberry Mall Health Expo! We did well and got to visit with a lot of great people – old friends and new friends! It was an exciting day……I got to talk with people about their health concerns. I did some demonstrations and a little instruction. I heard peoples stories. Hannah and I even got  job offers from an exclusive Lodge/ Spa!!! That was all amazing and energizing. But right before I left the mall for the day, I met a man who has recently lost his wife to suicide. She struggled with depression and reactions to household cleaners and anti-biotics. She ended up having such severe, constant pain in her head, she couldn’t go on. Now, he is left behind, being an advocate for the issues that she dealt with. He asked me if I had any thing to make his pain go away………..( I am crying right now, are you?) I talked with him, I told him about some of the oils I have that I have found to be supportive for depression and grief. But then I reached out and invited him to come to church with us on Sunday- “I lift my eyes up to the mountains from where my help comes from, my help comes from The Lord who made heaven and earth.” Ps 121

What a privilege I had to meet all of these people!

Mom at Mall

We’ll be here again today, from 10-2. Come visit us in the Cranberry Mall! Our table is in front of the Shoe Dept. We have so many helpful and fun products to share and we’d like to see you there!

Have you been to the Health Expo? Are you planning to visit? What are you hoping to see there?

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