As a child, my favorite book series was Curious George (ok, it still is;-). When I was 5 years old, I had to have surgery and stay  at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh for a few days. I remember walking down the hall to the play room and picking up a Curious George book to read. Just like George would do, I investigated everything in that room and ended up accidentally pulling down the curtains in the play house! I was so afraid someone (the man with the yellow hat) was going to find me out and scold me for being a bad little monkey, so I scurried back to my hospital bed and pulled the covers up to my chin and pretended that I was sleeping!

At home, my mom called me “a monkey” because I would climb every thing to get what I needed. Who needed a step stool? I could climb the fronts of the kitchen cabinets or the shelves of the linen closet as well as pick things up with my toes!!

I had to LAUGH OUT LOUD when reading research for this post regarding monkeys!…… “Monkeys are funny animals. They are full of curiosity and adventure. They are also mischievous and intelligent ( I’ll take the last one;-).

Monkeys love to eat fruit, and can be clever in how they get it. They like to show their emotions and feelings. They help nurse others when they have been wounded. They like to hold hands and are very affectionate.” There you have it! I have to admit ….I am a bit like a monkey!!!

Are you curious ( about Honest Aromas)? Are you adventurous? Come to The Cranberry Mall Health Expo Thursday (***Correction on the hours) 11-9, and Friday 9-2 to find out more about us!

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