Aromatherapy On The Ground!

Edited waterfall                                        Does Aromatherapy really work? Of course!

Just like this photo that was taken in our “back yard”, we have some examples of how Aromatherapy is simply  helping those around us in our community.

A friend of ours was concerned because their baby( I want to make a correction here….I do not typically recommend treating babies with EO’s. I would go to hydrosols which are much safer. This is a very big “baby” around the age of 1 year old. ) had ring worm. They tried every thing they were told, but it persisted. They even tried Tea Tree Oil. But with some tweaking from a Certified Aromatherapist (me;-), we worked together to make a low dilution blend with Lavender (angustafolia) and daily it cleared up until it was gone.

Another friend had severe chest congestion and infection. Again, using the education I received I was able to make a high dilution blend using Cedarwood that brought some immediate relief! This person has reordered and wants to be a life long customer!

A young lady I know had a severe case of Keratosis Pilarius on the back of her arms. She had it for as long as she could remember. I was able to make a sugar scrub for her that has been so helpful, others have noticed how her arms have cleared up. I also followed up with a nourishing skin lotion.  As soon as she saw me the next time, she ran to me showing me the clear skin on her arms!

Severe acne! We have a blend that has almost irradiated severe acne on 3 clients now!

Do you know any one who snores?  My husband asked me to create a blend to help with his snoring. It ACTUALLY Worked! He has told people, I have told people, we have had repeat customers who want to help the people in their lives, put snoring to rest (pun intended!)

So, these are real testimonies of friends/customers who have come seeking some help on every day issues through the help of a Certified Aromatherapist. We want to help you!

Come and see us at the Oil City Farmers Market this Thursday and then Monday and Thursdays through the summer!

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