Walk by Faith

20150702_150746We had a successful first day at the Oil City Farmers Market! We wouldn’t have known that except that we made products, set up and followed through on being a presence there.

I hope to encourage you today, even as I am encouraged writing this post. If you would have told me even a month ago that I would be seeing fruition of a dream I have had for years, I would not have believed you.  And next week when some thing breaks down at our house, a relationship or the vacuum, when the bill that we have to pay is bigger than the paycheck we received, or when my quixotic side gets the best of me and I tail spin into a low of lows, you may have to encourage me!

If I had not made the step to start school, do my best and follow through, order supplies (not knowing how or where I was going to sell them), get a tax ID #, process a DBA form through the state, mix ingredients together and label packaging, or believe the things that people who love me said to encourage me, (walking by faith and not by sight), I would not be writing this right now.

Being in the community yesterday and interfacing with people was so exciting! It was mutually encouraging to hear other’s visions and dreams for the area. There is a comaraderie among the vendors as well. We are doing what we love, helping others in some way, and supporting each other in it.

As a Christian, I believe God uses all things in my life (from extremely difficult circumstances to my own failings, to the highest of highs when all is right with my world), for His good and to make me more Christ like ( less selfish, more giving, more loving), so that He can use me the way He wishes. I am so grateful to be able to do some of the things I love doing every day, while trying to embrace and be present in the not so great things of life as well.

Walking by faith, means that you cannot see the road ahead, but when you know what your destination is, you will find it, if you don’t give up. If you yield to all of the turns and valleys and accept that they are part of getting there, and if you (and I;-) die to ourselves and love others more, we will all see the fruit.

What dreams do you have? What step of complete faith do you have to take today, to start the process? We want to hear from you!