Rose Wood

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Look at this stunning wood! Have you ever seen any thing so beautiful from cut lumber before? And if the beauty of the wood wasn’t enough, Rose Wood offers us so much in the way of  immune and emotional health.

Distilled from the wood of the tree, Aniba rosaeodora,  is excellent in supporting all over immune health. It is the “clearing your mind” -go to. It is helpful in healing of all kinds, and supports all over constitution. It has been promoted to help ease sadness, calm nerves and used an anti-depressant. ( As I wrote this, I got up to apply some of this oil……it’s true!)

With it’s high Linalol content, Rose Wood is excellent for skin healing too. It can calm down the harsh effects of other stronger oils, while increasing it’s anti-fungal effects.

Rose Wood is becoming more difficult to obtain and Ho-Wood, Cinnamomun camphora ctt linalol which also has a high linalol content and similar fragrance is  often used in it’s place. Responsible companies are starting to buy Rose Wood from Brazilian Farmers who grow it for the express purpose of  Essential Oil production, rather than from wild forest trees.

According to the information from Aromatic Wisdom Institute, Rose Wood can be used in a carrier such as St. John’s Wort and rubbed on the back of your neck and throat to stop a headache as soon as it  starts!

It inhibits the spread of  microbes, alleviates inflammation, destroys bacteria, inhibits the growth of candida as well as anti- fungal in general, antioxidant  and an immunostimulant.

Strong, Beautiful and Healing is what we find in Rose Wood.

Have you ever used Rose Wood in a blend? We want to hear from you!

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