20150624_102349What is Aromatherapy?

The word “Aromatherapy” was coined the phrase by French Perfumer, Rene’ Maurice Gattefosse in his book, Gattefosse’s Aromatherapy written in 1937. The book contains research findings utilizing essential oils for various physiological ailments. In the book, he meant to  distinguish the medical application of Essential Oils from the perfumery applications. It can be said that Aromatherapy means the therapeutic application or the medicinal use of aromatic substances for holistic healing.

According to Valerie Cooksley, “Aromatherapy is the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well being.”

Robert Tisserand who wrote,  Essential Oil Safety, says, ” A caring hands- on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation and increase energy, reduce the effects of stress and restore lost balance to mind, body and soul.”

“A natural, non-invasive modaltiy designed to affect the whole person not just the symptom”, is what Jade Shutes says. (This information was collected from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.)

Aromatherapy can offer great help with physical and emotional issues. The product shown above has been used with great success to almost eradicate severe acne. Just one of the many products we have designed at Honest Aromas. It is plant medicine, it works and is much more helpful and dynamic than just treating the symptoms, with out harmful side effects.

We are happy to announce we are now offering consultation services through Dr. Singleton’s Office in Seneca, PA!! And if you are in need of a caring Chiropractor, he will be happy to address your specific needs. 814-677-9233

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