Jasmine abslolute(ly;-)


The name itself invokes an exotic feeling…..sensual, sweet and floral.

Harvested from India, Egypt, France and Italy, Jasmine is collected in such an extraordinary way! The flowers are sought after in the early morning before the sun comes up, in this way the distiller gains the highest yield.

Jasmine is quite expensive, but you only need the smallest amount of this powerful oil. The note is base and the fragrance will linger on long after it’s application. Make sure that you completely trust your supplier, as Jasmine grandiflorum is often adulterated by lesser filler oils.

Because it is in the Ester chemical family, Jasmine is highly anti-spasmodic and  has been used during labor to relieve pain and strengthen contractions. Tisserand suggests only a max dermal use of  .7%  to avoid skin allergy to people who are sensitive to fragrance. It also can be useful in post-natal recovery, but because of it’s aroma, it can also slow down breast milk production.

Although Jasmine is primarily used for fragrance, it has other valued therapeutic and emotional qualities as well.

It is used in skin care lotions, shampoos, mists and facial masks and a blend of 1 dr. Jasmine, 1 dr. Vetiver, and 1 dr. Orange mixed with a 1/2 cup of milk poured into a bath, can wash away the day’s tensions!

It is known for it’s emotional qualities of; releasing inhibitions,  relieving depression associated with repression, diminishing fear and supporting comfort within one self. The linalol component in the chemical make-up offers sedative and anti-infectious properties.

What an alluring plant and oil! How have you used Jasmine? We want to hear from you!

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