This essential oil is distilled from the Lemon Balm plant.

Melissa is in the Aldehyde chemical family. That means it can cause skin irritation so it should always be used in a low dilution. But do not let that shy you away from Melissa, as it has a bounty of other wonderful properties.

It is in the sedative chemical family and can actually reduce shock. The sedative qualities offer a slow sedation and can be used for reducing heart palpitations, depression due to stress,  and tension as well as manage agitation and restlessness.

According to data sheets from Aromatic Wisdom Institute,  Melissa’s Therapeutic properties include; anti- bacterial, anti-depressant, anti-fungal, anti-viral, central nervous system calming, cooling and fever reducing benefits.

It can reduce insomnia, anxiety, calm agitated emotions and offer comfort during grieving.

It should be avoided by children under 2, and may interfere with diabetes medication when taken internally. Robert Tisserand recommends not more than .5% on the skin during pregnancy as a precaution,  due to the citral content which can affect fetal development in high topical doses.

It is good to remember that these wonderful oils are truly plant medicine and should be treated with the respect as such. What wonderful benefits we can have from them when they are used in a proper way.

Did you know Melissa was from the Lemon Balm plant? What have you experienced from this power house oil?


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