Zingiber officinale!!

Patricia Davis wrote an excellent book called,  Aromatherapy: An A-Z. She says that in Traditional Chinese Medicine that Ginger is used in any condition where the body is not dealing well with internal or external moisture.

Diarrhea and excess mucus are examples of inability to deal with internal moisture. Rheumatism, along with many other winter health concerns, is aggravated by external damp conditions.  The use of ginger can be used in both situations.

Ginger’s chemical make-up is high in the Sesquiterpene family, which makes it a strong anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.Many people have used Ginger for it’s anti-nausea properties. It can also be good for motion sickness and effects of Chemotherapy.

Ginger increases blood flow to the area it’s applied to,  causing pain and swelling reduction.  It is good for relieving gas. It removes excess mucus from the respiratory system (expectorant) and destroys bacteria.

It can combat burnout and stimulate willpower and restore motivation.

On safety; It can cause skin irritation, use in a low dilution when applying to the skin (5-6 drops in 1 oz. lotion, massage or bath salt.)

Tell us about your experience with ginger! We want to hear from you!fresh_root_ginger_275003

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