Essential Oils: Safety First!

This is so well written and helpful! It covers every thing I would want to share… I am just going to share;-)

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Before I delve into this controversial topic, I am taking some deep breaths, focusing on facts, and NOT drinking the oils!  I hope the following information will help you make good decisions when considering using oils.  And if you are already using oils and practicing some of the unsafe ways to use them described below, it’s not too late to change.

I am sure you have heard of or know someone who is ‘selling’ essential oils, most likely through a MLM (multi-level marketing) company.  Many of these sales reps, and yes, that is what most of them are, tend to give misinformation on the use of essential oils.  Many of these sales reps ‘teach’ classes about the oils.  Many of these sales reps have no formal education other than what they were taught by their up-line.  So my first bit of advice is to proceed with caution when dealing with…

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