When darkness clouds the day

When we are afraid

You are there

When trouble closes in

It’s hard to trust again

You are there

And we fix our eyes on you

Our hope is found in you

You are Glorious, Almighty

Infinite and Holy

Gracious, full of Mercy

Love without an end

Magnificent God, Magnificent God

Our hearts are full of wonder

Captured by your beauty

Falling on our knees

We worship you alone

Magnificent God, We bow before all you are

Gathered in this place

To Glorify your Name

You are here

Your presence is revealed as hearts are being healed

You are here

And we lift our eyes to you

Our hope is found in you.

And we belong to you O God! And we belong to you O God!

I woke up this morning with A LOT of anxiety! Thoughts swirling in my mind.

I started singing this song from Big Daddy Weave, and didn’t quit until I believed what were written in the words were truth.

Wedding plans, festival plans, internal struggles,  monetarily being over extended…….ahhhhhhhhh!

Honest Aromas, as it says in our name, is a holistic health business. We care about the whole person. I have found in my life that when I approach difficulties with a go-to-God-first heart attitude and then, a desire to support mental, emotional, spiritual, physical health second…..I have the correct order.

What comfort there is in knowing there He is much bigger than us, able to create universes, planet, stars and human beings. Amazing!

And although, sometimes His children do not show it, He is gracious and full of mercy and love without an end. …..and He cares about us and for us and wants us to prosper and be fruitful like the trees that He created.

Speaking of trees, Neroli Essential Oil is made from the flowers of the Citrus Aurantium tree, and is beneficial for emotional support, especially during times of shock or trauma. It is considered and anti- depressant and very helpful in reducing anxiety. It calms the central nervous system.

I am going to place a few drops of Neroli on this beautiful clay pendant I am wearing (that we will be selling this weekend), to help me refocus my thoughts to things above and not things of the earth…so I can more fully love others and be the person I am created to be!

On the more personal side today, this is from my heart to yours!<3

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