Why Essential Oils?

Have you ever wondered why essential oils can help with your health? How does something smelly (even if it’s a good smell) affect your physical and emotional well-being? Is it all superstitious mumbo-jumbo or is it grounded in reality?

I will take a look at that today.

Essential oils, like everything else, are made up of chemical components. These chemicals affect our body chemistry in certain ways. The chemical makeup also affects the smell of the oil, so while we assume that the smell itself makes us healthy, in reality the chemical makeup causes both the smell and the effect.

Let’s take lavender (angustifolia), for example. Lavender oil has nearly forty chemical components, most of them occurring in very small amounts. However, the chemical linalyl acetate makes up almost 40% of lavender oil. Linalyl acetate reduces stress, which explains why we use lavender for calming purposes. This chemical also helps create the characteristic lavender scent.

Hopefully this small example piques your interest. Contrary to what people may think, aromatherapy and the use of essential oils in completely grounded in scientific fact. Herbs have a natural chemical makeup that, when concentrated in an oil, affect the chemical makeup of the body in certain ways.

This is why they are far more effective than just a nice smell, and it is also why it is extremely important to make sure that the substance you are putting on your body is safe for you and your needs!

Has this post sparked any thoughts or questions on essential oils?

Let me know in the comments below!

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