Rose Geranium

Some of our information comes from the Aromatics International website. Check out their page on Rose Geranium here!


Rose Geranium is a type of geranium plant with a variety of health benefits.  You can use the essential oil or the hydrosol, which is a water-based distillation of the herb. Hydrosols are not as concentrated as essential oils and can have different properties (even for the same herb!). You can use hydrosols internally and on more sensitive areas of the body, where an essential oil might do more harm than good. (We will have more on hydrosols in the future).

Rose Geranium is astringent, making it cooling and refreshing to the skin. It’s great for skin irritations like sunburn, rashes, and bug bites. You can also use it as a first-aid remedy as it helps to stop bleeding, clean wounds, and encourage healing. It also has a rosy, fresh smell and is great to use as perfume or to freshen up a room (

For a refreshing, cooling mist, dilute 12 drops of Rose Geranium essential oil in an ounce of aloe vera juice (which can be found at Walmart in the vitamin section). Put the mixture in a spray bottle and keep in the fridge. (It won’t spoil if you keep it at room temperature, but refrigeration will keep it cool and invigorating!)

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Basil, Sweet Basil

All information comes from my wonderful teacher Liz Fulcher and her data sheets on essential oils for the Aromatic Wisdom Institute.


Hello Friends!

Today I want to share the healing properties of a plant many of us think of as a cooking herb: basil, specifically sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum). Basil doesn’t just smell amazing and taste delicious in pasta dishes. Basil essential oil is helpful for a variety of health needs.

Now, the first thing to know with basil essential oil is that chemical properties can vary from oil to oil. It’s important to know exactly what properties your basil oil possesses for maximum effect. (This is where a certified aromatherapist can help ;).

Basil is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. It is also a wonderful digestive aid and helps the digestive system to overcome nausea and vomiting. It’s also great for chest colds as it has expectorant properties.

Wonderful physical benefits aside, basil also helps with mental and emotional health (which, as we think holistically, we know to also be a part of the body!). Basil helps to increase confidence and motivation and is great to boost mental clarity and happy emotions.

So remember all this next time you add basil leaves to your favorite dish! No wonder it’s such a favorite!

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I Am Certified!


On Sunday I completed my training and received my certification for aromatherapy!

I am so thankful for this opportunity and the chance to grow and do good in what I love – and to give glory to God in it all!

Hannah and I are staying busy preparing for Herbfest and building our client base. Stay tuned!

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Herbfest News!

We have some very exciting news – Honest Aromas will have a booth at this year’s Herbfest in Cook Forest!

This year’s festival will be on June 6 and 7. At our table we will sell oil blends for common complaints like tiredness and snoring, our homemade laundry soap, bath salts, lip balm, and some of Hannah’s knitted items like soap socks and little purses to carry oils! We will also sell clay necklace oil diffusers made by my friend who makes pottery.

IMG_6459 DSC_0742


We are so excited! This will be our first official event, and we hope to make it a good one!


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I am working hard this week! Studying, test taking, and learning. It is so difficult and yet so worth it. I’m thankful and excited for what the end of this week will bring, and I am happy for the chance to be learning!

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